We Onto Technologies are professional and enthusiastic team use our expertise to serve various organizations and industries with diverse requirements. We are always willing to learn and add to our knowledge base in this process. We are eager to serve the world by identifying the needs of different industries and their driving factors of business and value chain improvement. Being intellectual, we have learnt a lot with hard work. Our motive is to pack all our ideas, knowledge & experience and to provide our best using our collective knowledge and skills. We don’t just provide you just with a service or product, but give the most optimal solution which is the best feasible functionally and financially.

One of the main challenges faced by almost every organization is to fit the right person at the right post. Every industry has its own unique requirements and challenges. Onto Technologies, are committed to developing business strategies and technologies that are specific and suit every company. Our strategy can help our clients improve their business.

Onto Technologies specializes in:

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Infrastructure Management Service
  • Corporate Training
  • Technical Screening
  • Data Maintenance & Analysis
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing

Mission & Vision

Mission: Onto Technologies, approach customer by detailed understanding of their business process and analyzing their driving factors to the give best IT solutions to achieve business goal to satisfy all their business needs.

Vision: Onto Technologies’ products enrich consumers, industries and business processes around the world.

Values: Leadership, Integrity, Diversity.

Management Team

Anitha Rajendran, CEO and Founder, Anitha is responsible for day-to-day operations and leading the company’s development and technology strategy. She co-founded Onto Technologies with Shanmugapriyan while working back in Oxford, UK, which is now an official company to serve the world at its best. With strong managerial skills and problem solving ability, Anitha manages to handle business at ease. Having 5 years of experience in IT industry, Anitha has rich experience in Microsoft .NET web and windows application development along with SQL server and Oracle databases. Rich exposure to silverlight applications and enterprise mobility solutions. Anitha had the opportunity to work in UK for 4 years, from where she has acquired great knowledge about International business development and latest technical standards.

Shanmugapriyan Muthusamy, CIO, Having 18 years of experience in IT industry, He has excellent experience in Microsoft .NET. He has strong experience in web and windows application development. Shanmugapriyan has great exposure to Silverlight applications. He has exposure to SQL Server and Oracle. He has been a part of CIBIL India projects, one of the major financial sector’s back bone project for India. Apart from this he had the opportunity to work in UK for more than 4 years, from which he has gained rich experience in the latest trend of enterprise mobility solutions. Shanmugapriyan has wide knowledge in Native and Hybrid mobile application development. With his strong managerial skills He also managed and trained several people through out his career. He has worked in multiple industries like Software products and services, Banking and Financial Services, Telecom and Asset management.

Kuppuraj, Vice President & Head of Infrastructure Management Services In his current leadership role, Kuppuraj is responsible for the company's application development, maintenance, testing, and infrastructure management services. Kuppuraj has worked in multiple industries including Manufacturing, Health Care, Telecom, software products and services. He has had exposure to all Markets APAC and Europe. He has 9 years of experience in Infrastructure Management Services. He has Strong Experience in Solaris, Linux, and all UNIX flavour Server designing, Configuring, Managing and Administering in Remote and Native Datacenter Environment and also Designing, Configuring and managing the storage device.

Ashok Kumar.S, CTO Have 8 years of experience in IT industry. Experience in Desktop and Web applications, development and maintenance using Java & other leading Web technologies. Have very good knowledge in agile project management. Experience in different Android applications development and solution. Have good understanding in BigData and cloud computing.

Santhoshkumar R, QA Practice Head Having 5 years of experience in Software Testing and Automation. Expertise in different SDLC Models and well versed in implementation of Quality Processes. Rich experience in Automation feasibility study and POC creation, in identifying suitable Test Approach for automation in scope. His domain expertise includes Health Care, Financial and Insurance. In addition, He had a strong experience in Testing Mobile Applications and Web Usability.

Social Responsibilities

Onto Technologies, understands the social responsibilities and the needs. Our contribution towards it is really very important for us.

So we follow and maintain our duties towards:

  • Child & Women education.
  • Towards agriculture


Divide & Conquer

Our Divide & Conquer approach allows us to give better solutions for even complex problems in business process. By this we split existing complex problem into small problems and find solutions for each, finally combine to give solution to original master business problems.

Connected & Disconnected

Sharing information and communicating right people with valid information is crucial to any profitable business, we help your business to connect internal business process units to improve business process by identifying dependencies, disconnecting security threats of your enterprise Big Data.

Project Management Approach

In order to achieve goals and planned results within a defined schedule and a budget project management methodologies are used. Project management methodologies are of many types. Onto Technologies follows few methodologies such as:

  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Spiral

Quality & Risk Management

We assure your quality by identifying and managing risk. Our people specialised in identifying risk and threats in business driving factors by doing so we can manage risks effectively to improve quality and predicting future needs in quality. Onto Technologies follows a detailed quality and risk management methodology. As risk and issue identification forms the back bone for each project development lifecycle.

This risk management process will address the following steps:

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Risk Contingency Planning
  • Risk Tracking and Reporting

The following is a summary of the issue management process:

  • Identifying the outstanding issue for resolution
  • Documenting the issue
  • Logging the issue for tracking
  • Issue Analysis
  • Issue prioritization
  • Resolving the issue
  • Recording the resolution of the Issue

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